EBRI ‘Value from Waste’ Master Class

EBRI works with a number of SMEs across the West Midlands. Below is a selection of short films featuring attendees of the EBRI Value from Waste Master Class, held at EBRI in Birmingham, the CoRE building at Stoke-on-Trent, Wolverhampton Business Solutions Centre, the Coventry and Warwickshire Growth Hub, the Hereford Business Solutions Centre and the University Centre Shrewsbury.

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97% of attendees of the EBRI Master Class have rated it ‘Excellent’ or ‘Very Good’.

Business Reviews

Richard Collins, MJS Alternative Heating Solutions

Richard Collins business MJS Alternative Heating Solutions provides mechanical and electrical plumbing and heating installations, with a focus on alternative heating systems such as biomass boilers using logs, chips and pellets. Here he explains how the renewable sector is changing and how the EBRI ‘Value from Waste’ Master Class has given him a better understanding of some of the potential products he is considering, as well as new innovations and cutting edge technology.

Ajinder Bains, BeeEco

Ajinder Bains of BeeEco explains how the fully funded solar panel business works and how the company is just about to launch a new product called ice cold. He talks about his interest in renewable energy, how he is keen to explore the world of biomass and comments on how his attendance at the EBRI ‘Value from Waste’ Master Class has given him a great deal of food for thought.

Nik Muhammad, Pioneers Associates

Pioneers Associates’ Nik Muhammad outlines the work of the transport business he represents and talks about how the EBRI ‘Value from Waste’ Master Class enabled him to consider new technologies and how they can be implemented on a number of different levels. In addition to the important role businesses need to play in the future.

Gareth Emberton, Emberton Environmental

Gareth Emberton’s company Emberton Environmental focusses on the horticultural landscape and construction sectors. Here he highlights the need to learn about new opportunities for green waste acknowledging what a huge sector this is. He comments after spending two days at the EBRI ‘Value from Waste’ Master Class he won’t quite look at waste in the same way again.

Derek Jones, SER Technologies

Specialising in renewable energy solutions, Derek Jones from SER Technologies, discusses his interest in the waste to energy sector and how relevant to their business the EBRI ‘Value from Waste’ Master Class proved to be, particularly the sessions on combustion, gasification and pyrolysis. He plans to continue working with EBRI to discover more about pyrolysis plants.

Cath Edwards, Credibly Green Ltd

Credibly Green helps businesses to look at their waste, as well as energy and water use to save money. Here, Cath Edwards of Credibly Green describes the current drivers for companies to look at the need to measure their environmental impact, and how she has benefited from attending the ‘Value from Waste’ Master Class at EBRI, Aston University.