The Team

The EBRI team involved in Business Investment in Research is as follows:

Tony Bridgwater, Professor of Chemical Engineering

Professor Tony Bridgewater

Tony Bridgwater is Professor of Chemical Engineering at Aston University. Here he has worked for most of his professional career and leads the Bioenergy Research Group (BERG) at EBRI, with a world-wide research portfolio focusing on fast pyrolysis as a key technology in thermal biomass conversion for power, heat, biofuels and biorefineries. In 2013 he became Director of the then newly built European Bioenergy Research Institute jointly funded by ERDF and Aston University at a cost of over £18 million. He is a Fellow of the Institution of Chemical Engineers and a Fellow of the Institute of Energy.

Of particular note was his technical leadership of the UK’s SUPERGEN Bioenergy Consortium – the UK virtual centre of excellence in biomass and bioenergy research with 14 academic partners and 10 companies which ran for nearly nine years until the end of 2011. In addition he has led and coordinated nine major EC research and development projects in bioenergy and has an active current involvement in six further research and development projects. He has attracted funding from national research funding councils in Canada, Holland, Norway and the USA. He has been responsible for raising over £24 million during his research career. He formed and led the IEA Bioenergy Pyrolysis Task – PyNe – from 1994 to 2008 with parallel European networks on pyrolysis, gasification and combustion which included the EC sponsored ThermoNet and ThermalNet networks.

He has organised and chaired five international conferences in the Thermochemical Conversion of Biomass series from 1988 to 2004 all with peer reviewed proceedings. He has also organised six European conferences in pyrolysis and gasification of biomass, including the organisation and chairmanship of Pyro2014, the international symposium on analytical and applied pyrolysis in Birmingham in May 2014.

He has published extensively with 32 books on bioenergy, over 200 peer reviewed journal papers, and over 250 conference publications and presentations.

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Tim Miller, Director of Engagement, EBRI

Tim Miller

Tim’s role involves managing the growth and development of EBRI. This includes knowledge transfer and business support as well as launching a new and disruptive technology into a complex market place. His background includes board membership of the United Kingdom Science Parks Association, development of an industrial interface strategy with University of Nottingham, plus the launch and management of university spin off companies in technology growth sectors.

He has won EU awards for project design and delivery from Enterprise and Innovation directorate as well as the Information Society Technology programme. Tim has worked as a consultant and expert for the URBACT programme, Eurocities and ERISA. He currently leads the EU ERDF ESIF project ‘Business Investment in Research’ which provides support to businesses in the West Midlands in the areas of bioenergy and energy systems.

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Dr Ana Maria Cortes, Knowledge Exchange Manager

Ana holds responsibility for EBRI’s team of knowledge exchange associates who are readily available to provide guidance and support to businesses on a whole range of topics, including thermal and biological technologies and processes, supply and value chains, and energy systems.

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Irene Watkinson, Marketing and Promotions Manager

Irene holds responsibility for the planning, implementation, strategy and management of marketing, promotion and dissemination activities relating to EBRI. This includes all marketing and communications relating to EBRI’s EU ERDF project ‘Business Investment in Research’ which provides support to businesses in the West Midlands.

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