Biochar Guide

EBRI has launched a guide to help raise awareness of the benefits of biochar, a sustainable form of charcoal, and to promote businesses involved with its production and supply.

Inside the 93-page guide you will find a whole range of companies around the UK including:

  • Biochar producers
  • Biochar suppliers
  • Retort, kiln and stove producers
  • Retort, kiln and stove suppliers
  • Biochar consultants


Biochar: What is it?

A sustainable form of charcoal made from organic waste, offering a wide variety of benefits and uses:

  • Animal health
  • Carbon capture
  • Carbon credits
  • Construction industry
  • Odour control
  • Soil improvement
  • Tree health
  • Water treatment

At Aston University we have been researching pyrolysis, the thermal process used to produce biochar, since the 1970s.

If you are involved in the biochar supply chain and would like to be included in the next version of the guide email the Editor, Irene Watkinson at [email protected].