World-class bioenergy and energy systems research and technology to meet the needs of industry


EBRI is a centre of excellence in applied bioenergy technology. Based on the Aston University campus in the centre of Birmingham, EBRI has a leading academic and business facing team working on bioenergy research and technology development.

  • We are a focus for pan-European activities on scientific and technological aspects of bioenergy production, conversion and utilisation of waste products for renewable power, heat, transport fuels, hydrogen and chemicals.
  • We perform research and knowledge transfer in all aspects of bioenergy and the EBRI building is a demonstrator of these technologies; its own bioenergy technologies provide the heat, electricity and cooling needed to power the building.
  • We are a knowledge hub for bioenergy throughout the UK and beyond. The technology of producing bioenergy from waste is rapidly spreading across the globe. EBRI is constantly evolving best practices, greater efficiencies and ways to effectively process different types of waste.
  • We provide collaboration opportunities for businesses to run trials and tests, evaluate waste sources and consider combinations of bioenergy processes prior to investment.

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