Business Support

Aston University and local industrial partners have developed an innovative technology able to transform organic material such as sawdust, fallen and diseased trees, dried chicken litter and agricultural straw, into commercially valuable bioproducts – biochar, gas and liquids.

Business Support

The Energy & Bioproducts Research Institute (EBRI) and the Centre for Circular Economy and Advanced Sustainability (CEAS) at Aston University are looking for partners to commercialise biochar and related bioproducts.


West Midlands companies are invited to join us to develop new low carbon products for growing markets such as:

  • Low carbon fuel for boilers and engines.
  • Soil conditioners and products for improved plant, tree and animal health.
  • Biochar for carbon capture and credits.
  • Biochar for water treatment and odour control.
  • Biochar for building and composite materials.
  • Bioliquids for low carbon weedkiller, fungicide and plant growth enhancer.

The Biochar CleanTech Accelerator

Aston University and local industry is developing technology to convert organic matter into the above mentioned commercially valuable products. The university is building on its existing research facilities to lead the region’s Biochar CleanTech Accelerator as part of the West Midlands Innovation Accelerator.

The Biochar CleanTech Accelerator

The project was set up with the aim to secure commercial orders for low carbon products worth over £200 million, to be made by a regional industrial cluster.

It is hoped that the development of a low-carbon business cluster in the West Midlands will open up new domestic and export markets to help rebuild the region’s engineering and manufacturing status.

To find out more about the West Midlands Innovation Accelerator click here.

West Midlands industrial cluster

Aston University is seeking to build an established cluster of industrial organisations able to benefit from biochar and bioproduct growth markets. Whether that be biomass growers, producers of organic waste looking to sell their feedstock for biochar production, or manufacturers looking to diversify into new low carbon products by adopting biochar or the byproducts of biochar production (oil, liquids and gases).West Midlands industrial cluster


West Midlands industrial cluster

Benefits of joining the Biochar CleanTech Accelerator cluster

Aston University is seeking companies that fit into the above ‘Feedstock’, ‘Technology’ and ‘Finished Products’ categories to join their specialist cluster.

Once enrolled, the cluster organisations will have access to a number of benefits including valuable advice from the Aston team of scientists and business advisors.

  • Product viability reports for new commercial ideas.
  • Economic, scientific and environmental assessments.
  • Trial testing of feedstock, biochar and byproducts.
  • Insight events such as workshops, master classes and webinars.

If you are an organisation based in the West Midlands and interested in joining Aston University’s Biochar and Bioproducts Industrial Cluster email [email protected]