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High government targets to increase the security of energy supply and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions will result in the growth of the bioenergy sector over the next decade. For the UK to meet its target of achieving a 15% share of renewable energy by 2020, it will require a near 300% increase in renewable energy production, of which bioenergy will contribute around 50%.

Business opportunities – industry partnerships

The growth of the bioenergy sector over the next decade is forecast to generate in excess of £12 billion of new business opportunities in the UK in design, construction, supply chain and operation of new business technologies.

Many organisations can benefit from being involved with bioenergy. EBRI has been tasked with sharing knowledge and supporting companies and projects across the UK, Europe and beyond.

EBRI is looking for industry partnerships with:

  • SMEs

  • Local authorities

  • Regional Organisations

  • Energy and Waste Management Companies

  • Businesses and organisations interested in adopting bioenergy

  • Investors looking for a green and ethical investment opportunity

  • Academic Institutes and businesses interested in research collaborations in this field

EBRI support for businesses

EBRI provides consultancy, advice, knowledge transfer and testing opportunities to help companies exploit the new market opportunities that arise out of the growth of the bioenergy market. Whatever sector your business is in, you have the opportunity to become part of the high-growth bioenergy market.

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FAQs for businesses

Bioenergy offers many opportunities for businesses. Find the answers to commonly asked questions.

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