Case Studies

The Energy & Bioproducts Research Institute (EBRI) at Aston University has helped a wide range of businesses from many industry sectors – including agricultural, engineering, waste management, construction, marketing, financial services and food manufacturing.



We provide practical help to companies to develop and maximise opportunities in bioenergy, bioproducts and energy systems to drive new growth, employment and export opportunities in the West Midlands and beyond

At EBRI we have been helping businesses expand and diversify for several years.

Our European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) business support programme has helped over 300 small and medium sized (SME) businesses to expand their horizons for their own benefit and that of the Midlands region, creating over 234 jobs and £29 million in regional impact (Gross Value Added (GVA)).

Below are some case studies featuring a selection of companies we have worked with.

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