Aston University bioenergy expert leads on green change at Climate Expo talk

Patricia Thornley, EBRI, Aston University
  • Professor Patricia Thornley spoke about how biomass can be a key source of energy.
  • Climate Exp0 showcased the latest thinking and most relevant international research on the run-up to COP26.
  • Virtual event connected policymakers, academics and students from around the UK and Italy.

A leading academic on bioenergy from Aston University has spoken at an international conference on climate change ahead of the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26).

Professor Patricia Thornley, director of the Energy and Bioproducts Research Institute (EBRI), spoke at the Climate Exp0 about the importance of green recovery.

Her talk, ‘Solution Stars’, explained how biomass, such as plants and trees, can provide a low carbon source of energy, fuels and chemicals. She demonstrated the potential for clear climate benefits of bioenergy solutions, but also warned against the need to be careful about trade-offs with other environmental, social and economic consequences.

Professor Thornley said: “It is important that we focus on simplifying some of the complex mathematical models of these impacts to allow us to move forward: getting beyond “analysis paralysis” to implement systems that will not deliver the elusive perfect solution, but will allow us to move closer to our climate ambitions while delivering societal, economic and wider environmental benefits.”

Hundreds of academics and researchers from across the UK attended the virtual event which was put together to create a better outcome for the UN COP26 Climate Change Conference being held in Glasgow this November.

Professor Thornley added: “It was important to hold this event so we are able to prepare for COP26 and synthesize the current cutting edge knowledge in the global academic community around climate change.  This is a UK first that aims to engage a wide range of academic, policy and societal stakeholders in advance of the COP negotiations.”

To view some of the highlights from the event, visit this link.

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