Accessibility Policy

In order to make this website as accessible as possible with a broad range of operating systems, browsers, and specialist assistive technologies, and under our obligations under the Disability Discrimination Act, we have employed the following in the design and development of this website.

  • All pictures have an alternative text description

  • Our stylesheets allow for text resizing using the View – Text Size option in the browser toolbar for those who do not have javascript enabled.

  • We are committed to Plain English in all our written content

  • Our site has been designed without the use of tables except where we need to represent normally tabulated content

  • A non-serif font is used for easier readability

  • We do not use all capitals for emphasis

  • We use a hierarchy of heading markups i.e an <h1> tag for main headings, <h2> for secondary headings which makes it easier for screen readers to work out the structure of a page