Pyroformer™ benefits

There are many benefits of making power from waste using Pyroformer™ technology:

Environmental benefits

  • A completely new approach to pyrolysis which increases the efficiency of the process
  • A sealed process that has no emissions

A wide range of waste and residues can be processed such as sewage sludge, husk from rice, wheat, barley, oil pressing cake from rape, soya bean, cocoa butter, olive, sunflower, straw from rape, wheat, rice, miscanthus, wood, algae, corn residue, dried anaerobic residues, meat and bone meal, residues from composting, grass and green clippings, brewers’ spent grain grain and tyres. This means the process is not vulnerable to fluctuations in biomass feedstock prices

  • No need for feedstocks to be pre-processed – they can be in any form and size ranging from powder to chips
  • The overall process is not just carbon neutral, it is actually carbon negative as up to 25% of carbon can be saved as biochar and sequesters and returned to the soil in the form of fertilizer.

Social benefits

  • Higher efficiency in the form of more compact energy plants with lower running costs. This means that the technology could be housed almost anywhere (including city centres)
  • The Pyroformer™ is a means of decentralising the generation of electricity
  • A dramatic reduction in the amount of material sent to landfill
  • Reduced waste management costs.

Economic benefits

  • In 2009 the UK Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) estimated that the global market for low carbon goods and services was worth around £3 trillion a year and would be worth £4.5 trillion by 2015. The Pyroformer™ has patents in place to place this technology in this global marketplace
  • It is anticipated that within the West Midlands area alone, where EBRI is based, 35 jobs will be directly safeguarded or created and over 1,000 indirect jobs created by 2022 as a result. This would see an increase in the turnover of the West Midlands regional bioenergy industry and will result in an increase in Net Regional GVA of £105 million by the same date
  • High quality char outputs and low tar vapour streams which can be linked to other processes, such as gasification, much more effectively than previous technologies.

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