Benefits of bioenergy for businesses

There are several good reasons for businesses to invest in bioenergy:

1. Many customers are looking for green suppliers

Today’s customers and clients are more aware of the environment and the carbon footprint left by the purchasing choices they make. The use of bioenergy sends a powerful marketing message to your existing customer base and target market.

2. Bioenergy provides low-cost, green energy

The rising price of energy from traditional sources makes bioenergy a financially attractive proposition not only to major consumers such as factories but also to commercial and large professional businesses in the region.

3. Bioenergy can reduce your waste disposal costs

Increases in Landfill Tax and volatility in the recycling market are placing upward pressure on businesses waste management costs. The growth of the bioenergy sector can offer businesses a profitable alternative whereby commercial and industrial waste streams are utilised as feedstock for new bioenergy plants to generate green energy.

4. Bioenergy can be cost effective for businesses with high energy needs

If your business requires a reasonable amount of heat and electricity to power an office block, a factory, a hospital, university campus, a farm or even a retail park or an industrial estate, then bioenergy could provide you with a cost-effective solution.

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