Innovation Services

EBRI has world-leading scientists and state-of-the-art research facilities to help industry develop the next generation of bioenergy solutions.

With a range of world-class laboratories, testing facilities and industrial-scale demonstration technology, EBRI provides a unique and accessible resource for businesses to ‘bridge the gap’ between cutting-edge university research and practical industry applications.

Whether your business is a leading multinational or a micro-sized start-up you can access EBRI’s Innovation Services:

Feedstock Testing & Analysis

Gasification Modelling: Advanced CFD modelling, simulation and analysis for gasification of solid waste streams.

Pyrolysis Testing: Laboratory pyrolysis testing for waste, residues and feedstocks plus analysis of bio-oil, gas and biochar products.

Biofuels & Engines

Biofuels Analysis: Characterisation and analysis of biofuels for engine applications.

Biofuels Upgrading: Blending and upgrading of biofuels for optimal engine performance.

Engine Testing: Practical internal combustion engine testing and analysis of fuel performance and emissions.

Technical Expertise & Advice

Project Appraisal: Economic analysis and feasibility for bioenergy projects and business case recommendations.

Planning Advice: One-to-One advice and guidance for bioenergy planning applications.

Technical Reports: Bespoke scientific reviews and analysis for bioenergy technologies, policy and markets.

Research & Development

SME Innovation Funding: Advice and guidance to assist small businesses to access R&D.

Collaborative Research: Work with EBRI’s researchers, scientists and laboratory facilities to develop a new research project with your company.

Executive Development – The EBRI Bioenergy Master Class Series

A comprehensive and structured introduction to the bioenergy sector for businesses and entrepreneurs. The Master Class Series includes workshops, technical demonstrations and site visits covering the four fundamentals of bioenergy:

• Technologies
• Business Models
• Policy & Incentives
• Planning