EBRI’s technology featured on ITV Central News

EBRI’s pioneering technology – a Pyroformer™ – was featured on ITV Central News at 6pm last night (Wednesday 14 August). The full four minute broadcast can be viewed here: http://www.itv.com/news/central/update/2013-08-14/birmingham-scientists-energy-breakthrough-full-report/

The report demonstrated how Pyroformer™ technology is set to revolutionise the way that energy is produced in the future through generating cost-effective heat and power from its use of multiple waste sources.

Tests have shown that unlike other bioenergy plants, the Pyroformer™ has no negative environmental or food security impacts. It can use a wide variety of waste sources including nuts, shells, manure and food waste, and therefore does not require the destruction of rainforests or the use of agricultural land for the growth of specialist bioenergy crops.

The broadcast included an interview with Tim Miller, EBRI’s Director of Operations, who reinforced the work the Institute is doing to provide a focal point for regional business support and technology transfer and growth opportunities.

Dytecna, an engineering, technology systems and support services company with a facility in the West Midlands, who has been collaborating with EBRI since 2011, also took part in the filming to discuss the benefits of collaborating with EBRI and the wide businesses benefits of bioenergy.

Businesses interested in finding out more about the free support EBRI can offer should contact EBRI on: 0121 204 3345 or email [email protected].