Tim MillerOver the past three years we have been working with business leaders based in the West Midlands to find opportunities to generate energy and develop new products from waste. Over this period the market has grown and developed in response to the changing views of society, the shifting economic picture and changes in incentive structures.

The recognition of the problems caused by plastic waste, the importance of clean air and the increasing role of renewables in the energy mix has seen a move of things that could have been seen as marginal concerns to the mainstream centre stage. The disruption of energy markets combined by the growth of the internet of things has generated completely new fields of opportunity for services that would have been previously unimaginable.

The increasing awareness of possibilities is now driving a focus on the search for new commercial opportunities and business models. Going forward the challenges are to support the drive towards innovation with well-founded market knowledge, scientific and engineering expertise as well as creating a bridge between research activity and the needs of industry.

Over the next three years we shall continue to provide an unbiased and factually grounded assessment of new business and technical concepts and provide access to the knowledge needed to succeed. We shall work with companies to find the skills and resources to help them develop and deliver new competitive products and services.

Tim Miller
Engagement Director, EBRI