Is your business seeking new skills for sustainable growth?

Aston University can provide you with flexible student placements able to support the resilience and growth potential of your business.

Companies we have worked with tell us that our students are highly employable and able to bring new skills enthusiasm as well as a fresh perspective to a team.

If you would like a placement and to find out if government support is available for the costs please contact us at [email protected]


Skills and capabilities
We currently have an excellent group of students looking for placements in ambitious companies interested in growth and development.

Most of the students are from business, engineering and technical disciplines able to support a range of roles such as marketing, market research, social media and business development. We also have students interested in entry level opportunities such as administration, support, secretary and receptionist opportunities.

We have found that companies tend to benefit most from a minimum of a 20 week placement but under exceptional circumstances we can offer a more flexible 5 week period.


Easy ways to get a placement
The Aston Futures Portal provides a secure, free and easy to use way of registering placement opportunities which can be accessed by employers and Aston University Careers and Placements.

Your opportunity will be advertised on Aston futures Talent Bank portal and we can support you with the shortlisting as well as keeping you up to date with applicants.


Support from the university
Our experienced employer engagement team will support you right through the placement process and keep you updated throughout.

Once interviews have taken place and you have selected a student you will be sent through the employer handbook as well as the student placement handbook. This will inform you of what is required during the placement and what the student will be assessed on. You will also receive some documents from the student to complete.


Whilst the student is on Placement they will be supported by their placement tutor who is allocated later on into their placement as well as the On Placement support team. You are also required to support the student and ensure they are having weekly/bi-weekly check-ins with their line manager or their main point of contact. You and any other employers will be supported by the employer engagement team as well as the On Placement Support team. Should you have any issues/ anything you’d like to discuss we would be the best point of contact.

What people say:

“ the student was amazing and I subsequently found out that she had been instrumental in a $100 million signing through her work with a client.”


“ the placement students we’ve recruited have had an extremely positive impact on our business, helping to alleviate pressure points and bringing a fresh approach to how we work.”


“ We chose to recruit students from Aston University because we know that the University embeds employability into all aspects of the student journey, ensuring they are equipped with the right skills and mind-set for the workplace.”

Contact us at Aston University for more information


Email: [email protected]

Phone: 0121 204 5299