MEP visits EBRI

Anthea McIntyre MEP visited EBRI

EBRI hosted Anthea McIntyre MEP this week as EBRI’s Marketing & Communications Officer, Louise Ciaravella, explains.

The team at EBRI was excited to welcome MEP Anthea McIntyre this week (Tuesday 29th April) for a visit in order for Anthea to increase her knowledge about EBRI’s research, projects and the work EBRI is doing in the West Midlands – and through links in Europe – to support SMEs.

We explained how European funding has enabled EBRI to provide free support to businesses in the West Midlands to be able to explore their own ambitions in the bioenergy sector and spoke in detail about some of the services we are able to provide for free. so if you’re based in the West Midlands and would like to know more, please do get in touch with the team to find out how we can help you!

Anthea also had a tour of our laboratories and demonstration power plant and was very impressed by what she saw. This is the second time Anthea has visited EBRI; the first visit took place at Harper Adams University in August 2012 where bioenergy technology developed by our researchers was being tested prior to moving to new facilities on Aston University’s campus.

EBRI hosts many distinguished guests throughout the year. If you’d like to visit EBRI to see first-hand what we do, please get in touch with me and will happily arrange a visit for you where possible.

Some more information about Anthea: Anthea took her seat in the European Parliament in December 2011 and was appointed as the Conservative employment spokesman in January 2012. She currently serves on two other committees in the European Parliament: the Agriculture Committee and the Civil Liberties, Justice & Home Affairs Committee. Anthea is active in her local community and is a former County Secretary of the Federation of Small Businesses.