New Innovation Services for business

Tom Anderson, EBRI’s Business Development Manager, discusses the challenge businesses face when exploring bioenergy opportunities and how EBRI has developed a range of Innovation Sevices to tackle this head on.

EBRI has been working with businesses and industry for many years. We are constantly listening to the businesses and entrepreneurs we collaborate with to find out how we can make it easier for you to access EBRI’s world-leading scientists and state-of-the-art R&D facilities.

We know that bioenergy is a broad and complex market that can appear difficult for new businesses to break into and you’ve told us that quick, targeted and specialist support from EBRI can help to open up this market opportunity. We’ve taken this feedback on board and we are delighted to launch a new programme of business-friendly services which we’ve called our ‘Innovation Services’.

These ‘Innovation Services’ are designed to be short, specialised pieces of work that can be delivered swiftly and will equip your business with the specialist expertise and knowledge you need to turn your bioenergy business idea into reality. From cutting-edge testing and analysis through to bespoke technical reports and policy advice, EBRI still provides a comprehensive toolkit of support to industry and entrepreneurs…but now distilled into five streamlined ‘Innovation Services’:

1.       Feedstock testing and analytical services: Advanced CFD modelling, simulation and analysis for gasification of solid waste streams plus laboratory pyrolysis testing for wastes and feedstocks and analysis of bio-oil, gas and biochar products.

2.       Biofuels and engines (Characterisation and analysis of biofuels for engine applications; blending and upgrading of biofuels for optimal engine performance; practical internal combustion engine testing and analysis of fuel performance and emissions.

3.       Technical expertise and advise: Economic analysis and feasibility for bioenergy projects and business case recommendations; one-to-one advice and guidance for bioenergy planning applications; bespoke scientific reviews and analysis for bioenergy technologies, policy and markets.

4.       Research and development: Advice and guidance to assist small businesses to access €50,000 funding for R&D; work with EBRI’s researchers, scientists and laboratory facilities to develop research projects.

5.       Executive Development: A comprehensive and structured introduction to the bioenergy sector for businesses and entrepreneurs including workshops, technical demonstrations and site visits covering the four fundamentals of bioenergy.

Whether your business sis a leading multi-national or a micro-sized start-up, EBRI’s Innovation Services can help you make inroads into the UK’s £12billion bioenergy market. If you are interested in finding out more about any of these services and how your company could benefit from working with EBRI, please contact [email protected] or call 0121 204 3345.

If you’re based in the West Midlands region, EBRI has European funding in place to provide these services for free for one year.