Seaweed image

Seaweedology – new case study

Posted on Wednesday 14th July, 2021

Seaweed has been used for food, animal feed and fertilisers for centuries, and is also used for a range of biomedical and industrial purposes globally. Read More >>

Helping you to meet your Sustainability Goals

Posted on Thursday 29th April, 2021

We have released a new film devised to help you discover how our Energy & Bioproducts Research Institute (EBRI) team at Aston University helps companies get to grips with their sustainability goals and solve energy, waste and environmental challenges. Read More >>

HydroVeg – new case study

Posted on Thursday 29th April, 2021


Hydroponics is a method of growing plants in nutrient-rich water which uses significantly less time than growing in soil. Read More >>

Warm Earth – new case study

Posted on Thursday 29th April, 2021

Compost is produced when microorganisms like bacteria break down a feedstock, such as food or garden waste, into simple compounds which can improve soil fertility


Composting happens much faster at higher temperatures, and while the microorganisms do produce heat, this is wasted in traditional composting containers. Read More >>