Value from Waste – EBRI Master Class

Is your business seeking new market opportunities?

Redundant material such as food waste, cardboard boxes, plastic waste, sawdust, waste oils, manure, hay straw, sugar beet residue, spent grain waste from breweries are only a few examples of waste that could potentially open up fresh possibilities for your business.

EBRI’s new series of Master Classes will provide exclusive content for entrepreneurs and business leaders covering the technical and commercial fundamentals of bioenergy. Companies looking to develop new products and services can benefit from attending this event, as can those who are simply looking for a better understanding of the bioenergy, energy-from-waste, energy systems and bioproducts markets.

EBRI will be announcing its new series of the two-day event, which has over the past few years been highly acclaimed by the local business community.

96% of attendees have rated it ‘Excellent’ or ‘Very Good’.*
* Surveys issued to 90 EBRI Master Class attendees 2017-2018

For further details about the workshop programme, topics covered and why you should attend click here.

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Value from Waste Master Class **New dates to be announced**
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Films – Master Class Overview and Reviews

To hear feedback from past attendees watch our short video, and a selection of business testimonials.

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