EBRI Services for businesses

EBRI provides a focal point for business support, technology transfer and growth opportunities, and offers business support and advice to companies throughout the UK and beyond.

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How EBRI can help your business

There are a number of ways EBRI can support your business to maximise opportunities in the bioenergy market. The following services are available:

Seminars and briefings

EBRI offers a regular series of events designed to meet the needs of businesses and to help you explore how bioenergy could benefit your business. Events include expert insights into the local bioenergy market, technology updates, funding workshops, bioenergy supply chains and sector specific market snap shots.

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Access to EBRI demonstrator facilities

EBRI can illustrate how different bioenergy applications and technologies can be used to benefit your organisation using the range of industry level demonstration equipment housed within the EBRI building.

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Collaboration and Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) are collaborative projects between businesses and universities that enable businesses to improve their competitiveness, productivity and performance. KTPs are part-funded by the UK Government and are a cost effective way to gain access to expert knowledge.

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Access to graduates and placement students

Gain access to Aston University students. A student working for your organisation on a year-long placement scheme is an opportunity to introduce new ideas, up-to-date technical skills and fresh enthusiasm to your business. Final year students can also undertake short-term research projects that can add significant value to your business for minimal financial outlay.

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Testing and research facilities

EBRI has six bioenergy topic laboratories:

• New biomass

• Micro-reactors

• Catalysis

• Syngas

• Pyrolysis

• Analytics

These laboratories are available for feedstock, power and equipment tests. Research equipment includes giant photo bioreactors harnessing algae, thermal reactors, bench and laboratory scale pyrolysers, gasifiers, combustors, catalytic refiners for biorefinery and the synthesis of fuels, and fluidised bed reformers.

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Expert advice

You can gain access to EBRI’s internationally renowned experts in the field of bioenergy. Receive advice and support from EBRI for both building the business case for bioenergy in your organisation and in its implementation. You will be given the information you need to hit your targets through seminars, briefings and one-to-one meetings.

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Access to funding

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Access best practice and research information

EBRI is a knowledge hub for bioenergy throughout the UK and beyond. The technology of producing bioenergy from waste is rapidly spreading across the globe. EBRI is constantly evolving best practices, greater efficiencies and ways to effectively process different types of waste.

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