Charcoal and biochar – new case study

Discover how Caradoc Charcoal, an innovative, family business based in rural Shropshire benefited from EBRI’s support and guidance in helping them to explore a new commercial avenue – recovering the biochar by-product left over after burning firewood, and turning it into a marketable product.

Over 110,000 tonnes of charcoal is used in the UK every year

Wood-derived biochar, a form of sustainable charcoal, can benefit the environment and the economy

Biochar can offset 1.8 billion metric tons of carbon emissions annually

The European biochar market is worth £0.45 billion and is set to reach £0.56 billion by 2025

Biochar, a form of sustainable charcoal, can benefit both the environment and the economy. It offers a wide variety of benefits and uses including carbon capture, water treatment, fuel source, odour control, soil improvement, decarbonisation of sites, and industrial applications.

The wood-derived biochar left over from Caradoc’s charcoal production process could potentially provide an additional revenue stream for the family firm. As part of their business development drive, Caradoc Charcoal have been exploring the merits of biochar and are considering new market opportunities for this sustainable material – ranging from utilising it as a soil enhancer to pelletising it for fuel or cat litter.

Discover more about how EBRI helped Caradoc Charcoal explore this new market opportunity. 

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