Joining the West Midlands bioenergy supply chain

One of EBRI’s main objectives is to bring together West Midlands based SMEs who will supply the services and materials required by the high growth bioenergy market in the region. Birmingham has made a commitment to reduce its CO2 emissions by 60% by 2026. This is going to require the building of a number of plants and bioenergy reactors around the city centre. A supply chain is needed for building these bioenergy schemes.

Keep the supply chain in the region

The production of many UK inventions is carried out outside of the UK. One of EBRI’s key targets is to ensure that the expertise and work remains within the West Midlands region. EBRI has received funding from the European Regional Development Fund to ensure that the work associated with innovations developed in the West Midlands, stays in the region.

EBRI is looking to rapidly grow the number of bioenergy plants across the West Midlands area. There is already a substantial number of plants due for development in the region and this is set to grow. This is your opportunity to get your business involved in this high growth market and benefit from the work generated. Organisations looking to build and manage a bioenergy installation are going to require services from a wide range of SMEs including:

  • Logistic experts

  • Architects

  • Manufacturers

  • Design engineers

  • Process engineers

  • Haulage companies

  • IT support services

  • Electricians

  • Solicitors

  • Training providers

  • Health & Safety consultants

  • And more…

EBRI is looking for SMEs from the West Midlands to benefit from being part of this high growth bioenergy market. West Midlands based businesses can access support from EBRI to assess market opportunities, review the technologies available and use test equipment.

# EBRI support for West Midlands businesses

Benefits to businesses in joining the bioenergy supply chain

Your business can benefit in a variety of ways from being part of the bioenergy supply chain. This is a fantastic opportunity for companies that are looking:

  • To grow or diversify in a new high growth market place

  • To take entrepreneurial opportunities

  • To invest in bioenergy

  • To partner in research opportunities with the university for growth and product development

For more information on joining the West Midlands bioenergy and bioproducts supply chains contact EBRI

E: [email protected] 

T: 0121 204 3383

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