Edenviro Biomass

This Ludlow-based company specialises in the production and trading of biomass fuel and the management of organic waste

Their mission is to create value out of waste, ultimately leaving a legacy for future generations. One area of focus is to help farmers and industries to work together to both grow their assets but also to minimise their environmental impact. The company take social responsibility seriously. They plant trees to offset their carbon emissions and give clients and the public the opportunity to take part in these projects.

The Challenge
Committed to providing sustainable and quality biomass fuel, Edenviro Biomass Ltd manages a woodland area in the region and collaborates with a local farm which has an anaerobic digester (AD) on site that uses corn and energy crops as feedstocks. They wished to see whether a by-product of the digester could be transformed into briquettes which could then be burned. The company needed advice to see if this was possible, how it could be achieved and whether there was a market for the product.

The Solution
Edenviro Biomass made contact with EBRI through one of its Value from Waste’ Master Classes. An opportunity for the company to discuss its ideas 1-2-1 with specialist academics from Aston University followed. EBRI then provided further support with a bespoke technical assessment of farm waste material and briquetting applications.

This highly detailed report outlined the potential bioenergy market for waste biomass briquettes, an overview of the briquetting process and available technologies, the various applications for biomass briquettes, an analysis of samples provided by the company, the identification of any subsequent issues plus pre-treatment methods and potential alternative solutions. Following this detailed analysis of the potential product, issues were identified, but alternative uses suggested by EBRI are now being further investigated by the company.



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